Random Interesting Shots


Hard at rest in Osaka

Char-broiled chicken (my FAVorite!)

Little drunk monk

Someone has a message…


So many rules in Japan

Head Standing???

Protetion for children and travelers.

Statues of the Protectors of children and travelers

Hanging on the corner

Wanna go inside this bar?

Say what?

Wow….Smokers take note!

The view from my balcony…life in Japan…is REALLY good!

About enerugi

I hail from Canada and am a 30-year resident of Japan. Deeply involved in the community, theatrical, musical and virtually any form of creative endeavor peak my curiosity. Having lived in such an amazing part of the world with all of the remarkable adventures under my belt, I decided it was high time I shared my love for this rollercoaster ride with as many people as I could. I hope you enjoy the posts here and walk away with a warm perspective on my second home, Japan. I welcome any feedback you may have. Enjoy the ride!

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  1. Lovely photos Kim — many were familiar, some not. Yes, there are many rules in Japan, which is one reason why this place works so well for all of us… I am a bit concerned to see some of these rules (more accurately, customs of civilitiyA) breaking down recently.

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